Hereford Times Article - Slow to speak

Published on: 25th January 2021

Experience has taught me you should never respond to anything without hearing both sides of the story. Doing stuff in anger is rarely helpful.Angry words can encourage rioting. Jesus was clear that the attitudes that lead to bad actions are potentially as bad as the actions themselves.

Hereford Times Article - 10/12/2020

Published on: 10th December 2020

New Archdeacon of Ludlow Announced

Published on: 30th November 2020

Hereford Times Article - 15/10/2020

Published on: 15th October 2020

Bishop Richard statement on IICSA II

Published on: 6th October 2020

Hereford Times Article - 24/09/2020

Published on: 17th September 2020

Hereford Times Article - 06/08/2020

Published on: 21st August 2020

My son works for a large company in London. Last week he told me his boss gets 800 emails a day. As the summer holiday season gets into full swing, I bet he needs one! There is no doubt that emails are quite convenient, but they do create a culture of expectation. If we send one we expect it to be answered.

Hereford Times Article - 23/07/2020

Published on: 23rd July 2020

When people are surveyed about their driving, the majority of those surveyed claim their driving is above average. That can't be right of course, it should be a more even distribution, and I'm not sure that were the best people to judge how good our driving is.

Black lives do matter - Stories of Hope

Published on: 7th July 2020

I am sure those reading this will clearly remember the first time they saw and entered the firms main building. It is an intimidating place that first time. I remember navigating the cobbled carpark to get to the stairs, to be met by the splendour of the interior and large paintings of random men from history.

Hereford Times Article - 02/07/2020

Published on: 2nd July 2020

As the restrictions begin to lift post COVID and we emerge blinking into the light, I am encountering a huge range of emotions.For some, lockdown has been rather a nice break.For others, it's been a time of terrible loss: of loved ones, income and strained and even broken relationships.

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