Foundation Governor Appointments (Maintained)

Appointment Process & Forms for Foundation Governors to be appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education

New Foundation Governor Appointments

The procedure outlined below must be followed for new Foundation Governor appointments, (Please click on the purple boxes to access the documents):

Process for new Appointments New Appointment Form

Reappointment of Foundation Governors

The procedure outlined below must be followed for Foundation Governor reappointments (those who have already completed a term or terms of office):

Process for Reappointments Reappointment Form

Deadlines for Returning Appointment Forms

The completed appointment and reappointment forms must be sent to the Education Team, to enable the Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) to consider and approve the appointment. The DBE meets 3 times per year and there is no delegated authority.

Having a gap in a term of office or a vacancy on the Governing Body can be inconvenient and may cause difficulties that can easily be avoided. It is important therefore to ensure that applications are submitted in good time so that they can be processed and approved without leaving a gap. The following schedule of dates is intended to clarify the timescales within which paperwork needs to be submitted and completed (i.e. to include all authorising signatures and any required confirmation of PCC nomination).

DBE meeting Update Papers Published Closing date for receipt of paperwork Include all appointments for terms of office ending:
23rd March 2022 16th March 2022 12 noon on 11th March 2022 Up to end of June 2022
17th May 2022 10th May 2022 12 noon on 6th May 2022 Up to end of July 2022
7th July 2022 30th June 2022 12 noon on 27th June 2022 Up to end of October 2022
22nd September 2022 15th September 2022 12 noon on 12th September 2022 Up to end of December 2022
21st November 2022 14th November 2022 12 noon on 9th November 2022 Up to end of February 2023
31st January 20223 24th January 2023 12 noon on 19th January 2023 Up to end of April 2023
23rd March 2023 16th March 2023 12 noon on 13th March 2023 Up to end of June 2023
23rd May 2023 16th May 2023 12 noon on 11th May 2023 Up to end of July 2023
3rd July 2023 26th June 2023 12 noon on 21st June 2023 Up to end of October 2023





If you have any questions regarding the submission of appointment or reappointment forms for Foundation Governors, in the first instance, please contact Toni Enefer.

Documents Relating to Foundation Governors:

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