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The journey to carbon net-zero is a challenging one for all of us. Recognising the Church’s leadership role in environmental stewardship, the General Synod passed a motion in February 2020 to become net carbon zero by 2030. The Hereford Diocesan Synod followed suit in September 2020 and has an action plan and pathway towards that goal. We are already two years into that journey.

The good news is that there is plenty of good advice and help for all types of church, so we don’t need to travel this journey alone. Across our Diocese there is experience, encouragement and resources for all communities embarking on the journey. To find out more email Stephen Hollinghurst

The National Environment team have a number of resources to help churches reach Net Zero Carbon. The 'Practical Path to Net-Zero' document recommends key actions you can take. There is also a checklist of these actions available.

To support our journey to net-zero by 2030 each church is asked to complete the ‘Carbon Footprint Tool’ on the Parish Returns.  This gives us information that helps measure and monitor part of our carbon footprint.

Take inspiration in how this small group of churches in North Yorkshire decided to tackle the journey together.

Mission Enabler Environment Eco Church

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