General Synod

The General Synod, which comprises a House of Bishops, a House of Clergy and a House of Laity, with representatives from all English Dioceses, meets two to three times a year to consider legislation for the Church of England, along with worship and matters of national and international importance. 

Each diocese is represented by their diocesan Bishop, in our case the Bishop of Hereford and by clergy representatives elected by the clergy of the diocese, together with lay representatives elected by deanery synod members.

How long is a term at General Synod?

You are elected to stand for a five year term with six people elected in Hereford Diocese

Elections take place every five years and the term of office is a quinquennium (5 year period of representation) for General Synod.  We will be holding elections and voting has now opened. For futher Information and details about standing for election to the General Synod for the next five-year term 2021-2026 please visit The Church of England website

Why should I stand for General Synod?
How do I stand for General Synod?

In order to stand for General Synod either clergy or laity, you need two people from your category to nominate you to stand for Synod; ie clergy will need two clergy people to nominate them, and lay candidates will require two members of a Deanery Synod in the diocese to nominate them.

You will need to speak to Sam Pratley, Diocesan Secretary who is the presiding officer for nominations for the Diocese of Hereford. 

What are the other committees and groups which are part of the governance structures?

Each area across England is divided into what are called a diocese. These are areas that have their own separate structures of governance, finance and organisation.  In Hereford Diocese, we cover a geographic area that goes beyond county boundaries and takes in parts of Powys, Monmouthshire, Worcestershire as well as south Shropshire and the whole of the county of Herefordshire. 

Details of the election results can be found on our news section