Priests walking to Hereford Cathedral - Ordination Day 2023

Curacy is the first stage of someone’s ordained ministry, for usually 3-4 years following ordination during which they work under the supervision of an experienced priest as Training Incumbent to learn the practical skills of ministry in a particular context and grow in responsibility.  This stage of ministry is supported by a range of networks and training events described as Initial Ministerial Education Stage 2 (IME2, IME1 being course or college training before ordination).  These are set out in the Curacy Handbook and overseen by Revd Neil Patterson as Ministry Development Officer.  Through curacy, new clergy are assessed to be ready to be ‘signed off’ by the Bishop as ready to continue in ministry.  Those who are in full-time ministry will usually then move to new posts with responsibility as incumbents or in other sectors, whilst those working on a self-supporting basis will be re-licensed to a permanent assistant role in their home or another benefice.  On rare occasions it is not possible to sign off a curate and the process for that is set out here.

To explore the possibility of a future curacy in the diocese, please contact the Diocesan Director of Ordinands and Vocation, Neil Patterson

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