Diocesan Staff Directory

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Diocesan Secretary
Sam Pratley 
Tel 01432 373314
PA to Diocesan Secretary
Pam Brown 
Tel: 01432 373314
Archdeacon of Hereford
Venerable Derek Chedzey 
Tel 01432 373316
PA to Archdeacon
Cheryl Combstock  
Tel 01432 373316
Archdeacon of Ludlow
Venerable Fiona Gibson (Joining Spring 2021)
Tel: Please contact Jo Gibbon
PA to Archdeacon of Ludlow
Jo Gibbon
Tel 01588 673517
Programme Manager
David Morris 
Tel 01432373313

Diocesan Director of Vocations & Ordinands
Revd Neil Patterson 
Tel 01432 373320  

Disability Advisor
Revd. Garry Ward



Office Manager
Kerry Preedy
Tel 01432 373301 
Office Secretary (Morning)
Sarah Bassett
Tel 01432 373301
Office Secretary (Afternoon)
Judy Pearce
Tel 01432 373300



Safeguarding Adviser
Mandy McPhee
Tel 07875 757396
Assistant Diocese Safeguarding Adviser
Angela Ayliffe

DBS & Safeguarding Training Administrator
Rachel Arnold-Kent
Tel 01432373317


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Finance Director
Stephen Herbert
Tel 01432 373305
Financial Controller (part-time: Mon - Thurs)
Kate Bayliss
Tel 01432 373310 
Financial Assistant (part-time: Mon - Thurs)
Sallyann Hales
Tel 01432 373304
Financial Assistant (part-time: Mon, Tues, Thurs)
Mrs Lorraine Aitken
Tel 01432 373303                                          


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Property Secretary
Stephen Challenger
Tel 01432 373308
Housing and DAC Officer
Sophie Mead   
Tel: 01432 373302
Church Buildings Officer
Tim Bridges
Tel 01432 373330
Diocesan Surveyor
Mike Williams
Tel 01432 373307


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Pastoral Reorganisation


Pastoral Secretary
Sarah Girling
Tel 01432 373315 
Admin Support for Pastoral Secretary (Part-Time)
Cheryl Combstock
Tel 01432 373316                                 


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Generous Giving & Stewardship


Lead Parish Giving Advisor
Richard D. Jones
Tel 01432 373300
Parish Giving Advisor (Ministry Development)
Mark Simmons
Tel 01432 373300

Parish Giving Advisor (Giving Development)
Joan Gallagher
Tel 01432 373300


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Communications Director (Mon-Thu)
Sarah Whitelock
Tel 07889 186316
Film and Creative Content Producer (Wed - Fri)
Adam Parker-Randall
Tel 01432373340


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Church & Society


Church & Society Link Development Officer
Christine Pepler

PA to Community Link Development Officer
Mary Oxley

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Community Partnership & Grant Funding


Community Partnership & Development Officer
Wendy Coombey                         

PA to Community Partnership & Funding Officer
Mary Oxley

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Intergenerational Mission


Lead Intergenerational Missioner
Lizzie Hackney
Tel 07833 117565

Intergenerational Church Enabler
Kathy Bland

Intergenerational Missioner (Abbeydore)
Geri Miller
Intergenerational Missioner (Bridgnorth)
Kate King

Intergenerational Missioner (Ludlow)
Wayne Davies

Intergenerational Missioner (Ross-on-Wye)
Christine Cattanach
Intergenerational Missioner (South Wye)
Jo Child
Intergenerational Missioner (South Wye)
David Bland
Intergenerational Missioner (Sutton Hill)
Beckie Dotson

Intergenerational Missioner (Pontesbury)
Mark Hackney

Intergenerational Lay Worker
Helen Wright

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Local Ministry


Local Ministry Officer
Revd Preb Dr John Daniels

Local Ministry Administrator
Rachel Arnold-Kent
Tel 01432373317

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Diocesan Director of Education
Andrew Teale 

Business and Governance Officer
Toni Enefer
Deputy Director of Education
Sian Lines
Education Development Officer
Mark Harrington                                

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