Clergy & Family Support

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Ensuring the wellbeing of clergy is an important aspect of our life together in Hereford diocese.

We monitor the key aspects of wellbeing, awareness of trends etc, and enable appropriate actions to be taken to improve the wellbeing of ordained ministers in the diocese and staff. We regularly monitor our clergy and have developed a number of resources to support the individual and the clergy family unit.

What resources are there to support clergy wellbeing?

There are a number of organisations who provide support for clergy including:

How can I contact someone in the Clergy wellbeing group?

The membership of the clergy wellbeing group is:

  • Archdeacon of Hereford (convener)
  • Archdeacon of Ludlow
  • Diocesan Secretary
  • Chair of House of Clergy and
  • Dean of Women’s Ministry

Please email individuals directly or contact our diocesan office during working hours. 

What other information is available to support clergy wellbeing?

If you are wanting a more informal conversation about support or advice about wellbeing, please do get in touch with your rural dean or archdeacon for a chat.  There are further resources available to support clergy with wellbeing including our:

If you are experiencing problems with your marriage and you need support, two Bishop’s Visitors are available. If you are the spouse or partner of a member of clergy and you wish to contact a Bishop’s Visitor, please email the Bishop’s Chaplain

You can also find further advice in parish support pages for clergy

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