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This section contains articles from senior members of clergy for parish magazines.

Parish Magazine Article - July 2020

I've lost count of the number of times politicians have told bishops to keep their noses out of politics. We are meant to be concerned about spiritual matters, but we should leave the business of government and politics to trained professionals. I'm not sure what they would have said to Jesus.

Parish Magazine Article - May 2020

A few years ago a major credit card coined the slogan,Taking the waiting out of wanting. Since then the ready availability of credit has fostered a society that is more and more impatient.We are all very busy (or certainly were before Coronavirus struck) and the lure of shortcuts in every area of life is very strong.

Parish Magazine Article - April 2020

I am writing this just after the Archbishop of Canterbury has told us about the suspension of public worship and other measures to limit the possible spread of Covid-19

Parish Magazine Article - March 2020

Spring officially begins this month and with it a new season. The traditional pattern of spring cleaning derived from the understanding that with winter past and the promise of better weather now was a good moment to refresh and make new.

Parish Magazine Article - February 2020

This year Lent begins in the last week of February and I have been reflecting recently on the various traditions and activities that surround this season of the churches year.

Parish Magazine - January 2020

It's tradition at this time of year to wish each other a very Happy New Year. So let me begin by doing so. I trust that 2020 will be a good one. As you may know 2020 has another meaning as it is regularly used for perfect eyesight.

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