Weddings - a wonderful opportunity

Published on: 1st March 2019

Why weddings matter…

Many couples explore what is important to them and what will shape their lives together when they prepare to get married. A growing number of churches in our diocese are helping them do this and some take steps in faith. Here’s one example.

So often these days the wedding reception gets picked first. Six years ago, a local wedding venue was in its early days of starting up in our parish and there was one couple who lived in Reading. They came to have a look at  St Mary’s Burghill and fell in love with it.

Of course they then had to come once a month for at least six months and they really became part our community.

It may not be that all of these such wedding couples turn into regular attenders but we often see them for Christmas and they bring their children for christenings.

Its lovely marrying local girls and boys but often their relationship with the church is one of proximity whereas wedding couples travelling from afar have specifically chosen us for their most special day. They may not have been churchgoers before but they hear the word of God as part of the wedding service. They also get to know Christian people so even if we don’t see them again we’ve started them on their own journey with God and they may go on to build a relationship with their local church.

Our congregations just love welcoming people and I won’t turn away anyone who turns to Christ. I love the idea that we’re a church where people want to come for whatever reason.

Revd Penny Littlewood is retiring Priest-in-Charge at St Mary’s Burghill, Hereford and is becoming a member of our diocesan Life Events Support Team.

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