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Corporate Function


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Diocesan Secretary
Sam Pratley 
Tel 01432 373314

The Diocesan Secretary is the equivalent of the Chief Executive of the Diocese.  In this role Sam is the Company Secretary of the Hereford Diocesan Board of Finance as well as being the Secretary of the Diocesan Synod and Bishop’s Council. He is a member of the Diocese of Hereford Multi-Academy Trust and Chairman of the Diocese of Hereford Educational Trust.  He is responsible for the management of the Finance, investments, administration, communication, buildings, land, parish support and schools within the Diocese, operating within and advising on secular and ecclesiastical regulations.  He also represents the Diocese and West Midlands region on a number of national church bodies for the Church of England.

In his role, Sam is assisted by:

  • Andrew Teale - Director of Education
  • Stephen Herbert - Property Secretary
  • Sarah Girling - Communications Director
  • Mandy McPhee - Safeguarding Officer
  • David Morris - Programme Manager
  • Kerry Preedy - HR & Office Manager
PA to Diocesan Secretary
Pam Brown 
Tel: 01432 373314

Pam is responsible for organising and facilitating Diocesan Synod and various other committees including the Bishop’s Council and Finance Committee, Diocesan Staff and Line Managers meetings.  She is also responsible for the administration of Hereford Diocese elections to General Synod, Diocesan Synod/DBF, and Committee elections; as well as governance of the Trustees.

Pam helps/advises parishes in relation to the Church Representation Rules, undertakes PA duties to the Diocesan Secretary, and assists with HR administration.

Archdeacon of Hereford
Venerable Derek Chedzey 
Tel 01432 373316
PA to Archdeacon
Cheryl Combstock  
Tel 01432 373316
Archdeacon of Ludlow
Venerable Fiona Gibson
Tel 01588 673571
PA to Archdeacon of Ludlow
Jo Gibbon
Tel 01588 673571
Programme Manager
David Morris 
Tel 01432373313

Diocesan Director of Vocations & Ordinands
Revd Neil Patterson 
Tel 01432 373320  

If you feel God might be calling you to some kind of vocation, it's good to have an initial conversation with your vicar or chaplain. If they are supportive, the first person you will speak to is Neil our Director of Ordinands who is responsible for helping people as part of the discernment process.  
Disability Advisor
Revd. Garry Ward

Administration & Reception


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Office Manager
Kerry Preedy
Office Secretary (Morning)
Sarah Bassett
Tel 01432 373300
Office Secretary (Afternoon)
Judy Pearce
Tel 01432 373300
Ayeisha Watkins
Tel 01432 373301


The safeguarding team is responsible for managing casework, training and policy for all aspects of child and adult safeguarding. Mandy is a former Police Officer and has a wealth of experience to offer.

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Safeguarding Adviser
Mandy McPhee
Tel 07999 028076

Mandy has been working as our Diocesan Safeguarding Officer since November 2015. Prior to this, she worked in policing for 30 years with West Midlands Police.

Her role is to lead on all aspects of safeguarding across the diocese, including policy development and promotion, training delivery, casework, including managing persons who present risk in worship.

Assistant Safeguarding Officer
Carl Steventon  
Tel: 07593817717

DBS & Safeguarding Training Administrator
Rachel Arnold-Kent
Tel 01432 373317

Rachel has been working with the diocese since 2019 and moved into this role in January 2020. Prior to this she studied Popular Music and Worship at Nexus ICA in Coventry.

Her role is to provide administrative support to both the Safeguarding Officer and Assistant Safeguarding Officer and also administer the diocese’s Disclosure and Barring Service checking process. Rachel also provides administrative support to the Warden of Readers

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The finance team is responsible for the smooth running of the diocese’s finance function and for providing reports to support the decision making of Diocesan Synod, Bishop’s Council and various Diocesan Committees. Stephen and Kate provide advice to parishes on trusts and other issues relating to finance.

The accounts department provides all the accounting services for the diocese including the preparation of the statutory accounts, managing cash and investments, overseeing payroll and pensions, and monitoring income and expenditure. The team also provides support and advice to parishes on financial matters.

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Finance Director
Stephen Herbert
Tel 01432 373305
Financial Controller (part-time: Mon - Thurs)
Kate Bayliss
Tel 01432 373310 
Financial Assistant (part-time: Mon - Thurs)
Sallyann Hales
Tel 01432 373304
Financial Assistant (part-time: Mon, Tues, Thurs)
Mrs Lorraine Aitken
Tel 01432 373303                                          

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All clergy property is provided by the diocese and supported by the work of the property department. The team aim is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all church buidlings including clergy properties and churches. The team provides comprehensive advice and training as well as providing strategic reports and information to support the decision making of Diocesan Synod, Bishop’s Council and the DAC.

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Property Secretary
Stephen Challenger
Tel 01432 373308
Housing and DAC Officer
Sophie Mead   
Tel: 01432 373302
Diocesan Surveyor
Mike Williams
Tel 01432 373307

Church Building Support Officer
Lorna Theophilus
Mob 07514 494 693

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Pastoral Reorganisation


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Pastoral Secretary
Sarah Girling
Tel 01432 373315 
Admin Support for Pastoral Secretary (Part-Time)
Cheryl Combstock
Tel 01432 373316                                 

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Generous Giving & Stewardship


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Lead Parish Giving Advisor
Mark Simmons
Tel 01432 373300

Parish Giving Advisor (Giving Development)
Joan Gallagher
Tel 01432 373300

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The diocesan communications team provides support to the network of clergy, churches, parishes and other worshipping communities. Communications is the first point of contact for media relations; social media; providing a responsive enquiry service including out of hours and weekends, publication of the e-news and the Diocesan social media channels

Working alongside the other departments and teams, the communications team offers support and advice on the planning and promotion of key diocesan events and activities, website and campaigns.

The team also offers training and advice for parishes on all aspects of communications matters.

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Communications Director (Mon-Thu)
Sarah Whitelock
Tel 07889 186316
Film and Creative Content Producer (Wed - Fri)
Adam Parker-Randall
Tel 01432373340

Communications Apprentice
Paula Spirandelli

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Church & Society


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Community Partnership & Grant Funding


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Community Partnership & Development Officer
Wendy Coombey                         

PA to Community Partnership & Funding Officer
Mary Oxley

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Intergenerational Mission

 The Intergenerational Mission is a team who are working in parishes and deanery teams across the diocese.  They support the ‘mission’ activities of the diocese, helping us to grow new disciples in every community through their work with families, children, young people and older groups.

The overall team is headed by Lizzie Hackney, and the principal areas of support include:

  • Youth, children and family work
  • Parish life
  • Intergenerational Mission 
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Lead Intergenerational Missioner
Lizzie Hackney
Tel 07833 117565

Intergenerational Church Enabler
Kathy Bland

Intergenerational Missioner (Abbeydore)
Geri Miller
Intergenerational Missioner (Bridgnorth)
Kate King

Intergenerational Missioner (Ludlow)
Wayne Davies

Intergenerational Missioner (Ross-on-Wye)
Christine Cattanach
Intergenerational Missioner (South Wye)
Jo Child
Intergenerational Missioner (South Wye)
David Bland
Intergenerational Missioner (Sutton Hill)
Beckie Dotson

Intergenerational Missioner (Pontesbury)
Mark Hackney

Intergenerational Lay Worker
Helen Wright

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Local Ministry


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Local Ministry Administrator
Rachel Arnold-Kent
Tel 01432373317

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Responsible for all aspects of education for all Church of England Schools across the diocese including senior leadership appointments as well as supporting school leaders across the diocese to enable them to achieve the best outcomes for children spiritually, morally, socially and culturally alongside strong academic expectations.

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Diocesan Director of Education
Andrew Teale 

Deputy Director of Education
Sian Lines
Business and Governance Officer
Toni Enefer
Education Development Officer
Mark Harrington                                

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