SIAMS Inspections

NEWS: List of schools expecting SIAMs inspections in the academic year 2021-22 now live on Church of England SIAMS pages.

SIAMS inspections will resume in Autumn term 2021, no earlier than October see updated guidance.  

REVISED SIAMS Schedule and Guidance for schools published  September 2021 on the Church of England SIAMS pages.  

SIAMS inspections are due to resume in the  Autumn Term 2021, no earlier than October, under a new national administration system and with a revised schedule for inspection. There will also be a backlog of inspections due to their postponement during the Covid-19 lockdown so the new National SIAMS team have provided an update for schools to explain how the new process and scheduling of inspections will take place. 

The newly revised SIAMS schedule (September 2021) can be downloaded from the  Church of England SIAMS pages along with the following documents to support schools: 

  • SIAMS Revised Evaluation Schedule (September 2021)
  • SIAMS Revised Evaluation Schedule (September 2021) - Annotated version showing the changes 
  • SIAMS Information for Schools guidance document 
  • SIAMS Appeals and Complaints Policy 
  • SIAMS Inspection Deferral Policy
  • SIAMS COVID-19 Policy

There is a optional letter to parents, that schools may wish to use to inform parents of their SIAMS inspection date and the purpose of the inspection. Click here to download this letter. 


Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)

All Church of England schools undergo a Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS). SIAMS inspections are carried out under Section 48 of the 1988 Education Act and in addition to Ofsted (Section 5/8) inspections (2005 Education Act). They are overseen by the National Society.  The purpose of SIAMS is to evaluate the distinctiveness and effectiveness of a school as a church school.

The key question posed by SIAMS is:

How effective is the school's distinctive Christian vision, established and promoted by leadership at all levels, in enabling all pupils and adults to flourish?

This is explored through seven strands:

  • Vision and Leadership
  • Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills
  • Character Development: Hope, Aspiration and Courageous Advocacy
  • Community and Living Well Together
  • Dignity and Respect
  • The impact of collective worship
  • The effectiveness of religious education.  

The purpose of SIAMS is to evaluate how effective the school is as a church school in terms of meeting the needs of learners. These needs include well-being, personal development, safeguarding and academic progress. 

Leadership, management and governance are evaluated from the perspective of the school being a Church of England school.

Religious education is assessed in both Voluntary Controlled and Voluntary Aided schools. In VA schools, however, a separate judgement and paragraph form part of the full report. 

SIAMS and Self Evaluation

Expectations for self-evaluation of the SIAMS schedule have changed. The Self Evaluation Form which was produced with the schedule (September 2018), whilst thorough, proved to be time-consuming for schools to complete and for inspectors to read.

To simplify the inspection process, school are advised to produce a two page (maximum) summary of its self-evaluation. Schools are free to create this summary in any form they choose (e.g. prose, mind map, flow diagram). There is an expectation that schools will still carry out self-evaluation of the SIAMS schedule as this is clearly good practice as an aid to school improvement, but schools are advised to use any format they find useful and that the inspectors will not need to read the school's internal longer working document. 

SIAMS Support and Training 

The Education Team provides a comprehensive suite of courses for both school leaders and governors to support them in their SIAMS self evaluation process and to prepare for their SIAMS inspection. Please see the training page, link below. 


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