Festival Churches

What is Festival Church?

In its simplest form – it’s doing less, but doing it better!

A Festival Church remains an open, parish church.  Its primary function will continue to be a place to worship God, and to show the love of Christ to local people.  It may well be a parish where the PCC feel that the future is in some way uncertain. Perhaps there have been challenges with governance or finance, or the congregation is very small or has struggled to gain a pre-pandemic momentum.  It may be that Clergy within the benefice are overstretched and moving to a Festival model may help create a more sustainable pattern of ministry.  It may be a church that still has potential, but could become more sustainable if energy and effort was more effectively targeted on doing fewer things but making them the best they can possibly be. Crucially it is a church that the local community, wider benefice and clergy will continue to support and there are clear benefits to the church remaining open and available for Festival worship.   

What are the benefits of becoming a Festival Church? 

Festival Church status gives the opportunity for a PCC to stop, reboot and think about how it can work with the local community to deliver the worship they want to see and to explore ways the wider community can support the PCC to create and deliver the worship.  It is definitely intended to be a springboard to mission by continuing to serve the local community by holding a minimum of six services a year, providing a place for prayer and contemplation, and occasional offices of baptisms, weddings and funerals.

You can also read our quick guide to becoming a Festival Church and see a powerpoint presentation on Festival churches.

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