Clergy Marriage Breakdown

The Bishop’s Visitor supports the clergy spouse, civil partner, and families going through a marriage breakdown. The Bishop’s Visitor will provide practical advice and emotional support. However, they are not able to offer formal or legal advice.

The Bishop’s Visitor will at all times operate within the safeguarding requirements of the Church of England to ensure that the spouse or civil partner, member of the clergy and any child(ren) are kept safe at all times.

Hereford Diocese has appointed two Bishop’s Visitors.  If you are the spouse or partner of a member of clergy wishing to contact a Bishop’s Visitor, please make contact by email with the Bishop’s Chaplain

For further information, please read the Church of England Policy and Guidance for the Church of England in the care of the spouses and partners of divorced and separated clergy.

The following organisations may provide further help and advice:

  • Broken Rites - for clergy marriage break-up.
  • Relate - provide relationship Counselling for individuals and couples.  Their website includes relationship help pages, which offer practical tips, guides and videos to help manage common relationship issues such as sex, separation and divorce, and parenting. 
  • The Citizen’s Advice Bureau - provides advice on a range of daily life challenges, including difficulties in marriage and separation.
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