Disability Chaplaincy

Image of a disability sign painted on a concrete floor

Deaf Church

When: Deaf Church meets every third Sunday of the month at 3:00pm

Where: St Mary's Church, Grandstand Road.

It provides an accessible church service signed in BSL. The service is also projected onto a screen. It is slightly shorter than the regular church services. Accessibility means that more people can come and understand the service. We enjoy the company of students from the College for the Blind and people with special needs as well as carers and those who wish to learn sign language.

Hilary Morgan, Chaplain for deaf people:

"I love my work as chaplain for people who are deaf and though this is primarily for deaf people I also care about their carers and families, and the wider group of people we include in Deaf Church. I can text, talk and listen and can be contacted on 01981 251598 which is also a fax machine or on 07766284000. I'm also a parish priest for a benefice of five churches south of Hereford."

Barnabas Deaf and Community Service

Pam Newman runs this essential facility which helps with emergencies, communication needs, phoning and using the computer. It cares for the needs and concerns of people who are deaf and helps with hospital and other medical visits.

We welcome any visitors please come and join us.

Wed 10.00-12.00 St Peter's Church, Hereford 
Friday 10.30 - 12.30 Hope City Church, Hereford 
Friday 10.30-12.30 Hope City Church, Hereford
Email: barnabasdeafservice@gmail.com
Mobile: 07437456394

We celebrate that we are all wonderfully different.

Dementia Church

Hereford Diocese is working to encourage and support our churches and communities to become more dementia friendly. You can chose to be a part of that with a few simple steps that may lead to actions that enhance the quality of life and physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of those people who live with dementia and their carers. For more information on making your church more dementia friendly or to book a local training course contact Chrissie Pepler.