Herefordshire’s Climate Collaboration Summit

Date: 24th November 2021

Time: 19:00 - 21:00

The climate & ecological emergency is too big for any of us to tackle alone. Following on from COP26, this is an opportunity for us in Herefordshire to come together to agree on how we can best meet the challenge of becoming net-carbon-zero by 2030. The event is intended to elicit an approach that balances the need for a strategic (county-wide) approach and the need to take local action and therefore the invitees are representatives of strategic networks or county-wide organisations, and also those who have experience of initiating local action.  Due to limited space and anticipated Covid-restrictions, this is an invitation-only event. (Venue Diocesan Offices, Hereford)

We will have informal discussions to develop agreed actions, considering:

  • appropriate actions in the right place and at the right level - recognising that strategic co-operation supports local community action;
  • gaps in current activity;
  • shared barriers we can jointly overcome.



Category: Church and Society


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