Clerks to the Governors Forum

Date: 29th November 2021

Time: 15:00 - 16:00

The aim of these forums is to formulate an open dialogue between Clerks and the Diocesan Education Team, share best practice, provide an overview of the differences in a church school/academy and provide updates on the Church of England national initiatives as they are launched.

A focus will be given to discuss best practice for running online Governance. 

Forums will continue to provide the understanding and building bricks to what it means to be a Clerk in a church school/academy and cover all areas: Property, Trustees, Admissions, SIAMS, and National Picture.  Clerks will be given an opportunity to bring forward topics for discussion at each meeting.

These briefing sessions are FREE to all clerks to governing boards in church schools and academies across the Diocese of Hereford. 


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