Diversity in Governance

Date: 1st July 2021

Time: 18:00 - 19:30

How to recruit and retain diverse governors with a focus on race and age.

For Chairs of Governors and Governors

Working in partnership with the Dioceses of Hereford, Gloucester and Truro, Sharon Warmington will share with us the reasons why diversity is good for school governing bodies and how Chairs, Governors, Clerks and Heads can proactively attract, recruit and retain diverse representation to change the face of governance for the betterment of all students.

Why Diversity is Good for the Governing Body - Here we focus on the primary reasons why having a variety of cultures and backgrounds can make the school more adaptable to an ever-changing environment and society. It will also look at how setting an example at the top, will ultimately have a trickle-down effect for more diversity in the senior and middle leadership of the school.

One God, one faith, one focus - When specifically working with church or faith-based schools, NBGN is able to focus on the existing differences within individual governing bodies and how to compliment skill sets by focusing on cultural differences that will add value and strength to the school.  We also identify how to achieve balance and connectedness with stakeholders from other churches/denominations in a genuine and responsible way, ensuring schools avoid tokenism whilst retaining the religious character of Church of England Schools.

As an international Governance Practitioner and local school Governor, Sharon Warmington is also a public speaker, facilitator and a strategic leader, having worked nationally and internationally on projects in the private and public sector.  Sharon’s bespoke approach to any situation works perfectly with small groups or larger audiences, from front of house staff to senior leaders and boardroom executives.

In essence, Sharon brings a global perspective and a set of principles, that if followed, will empower and inspire participants to become diverse leaders in their own settings.

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