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Tuesday 2nd November 202114:00Finance Committee

Meeting of the Finance Committee (venue or zoom tbc).

Wednesday 3rd November 202118:00SIAMS - The Role of Governors

This course is relevant to all governors and members of the Governing Board at all stages of the SIAMS inspection cycle.  An essential role for governors in a church school is monitoring and evaluating their school’s effectiveness, which has been highlighted as an area for improvement in a large number of SIAMS reports.  This has become even more important in the new SIAMS Schedule.

Key areas delivered:

  • identifies and discusses the main areas where governors should evaluate the effectiveness of their church school
  • offers straight forward, manageable solutions for completing this important area of governance.

Cost: £30 per delegate for Partnership Schools or £50 for non-Partnership Schools

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All Dicoesan Education Team training events are currently being held online.

Thursday 4th November 202110:00Hereford Archdeaconry Mission & Pastoral Sub-Committee

Meeting of the Hereford Archdeaconry Mission & Pastoral Sub-Committee at Hereford Diocesan offices.

14:00Ludlow Archdeaconry Mission & Pastoral Sub-Committee

Ludlow Archdeaconry Mission & Pastoral Sub-Committee  (LAMPSC) at Herford Diocesan offices.

17:00Church School & Academy Governing Boards' Termly Briefing

All church school governors, trustees, directors and LAB members are warmly welcome to our first governance briefing session of this new academic year.  Updates will be given in the Education E Bulletin for details of this briefing from Canon Andrew Teale, Diocesan Director of Education and the wider Education Team.

This briefing session is freely available to all members of governing boards in church schools and academies across the Diocese of Hereford. 

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Monday 8th November 202114:30Strategy Listening Event with Bishop Richard - Sutton Hill
Tuesday 9th November 202109:00Bishop's Staff meeting (BSM)

Meeting of the Bishop's Staff at Hereford Diocesan offices.

17:30Supporting RE for Governors - Termly Briefing

A termly online briefing for RE link Governors exploring development and monitoring of RE in schools.

These briefing sessions are freely available to all RE Link Governors of church schools and academies in the Diocese of Hereford. 



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Wednesday 10th November 202117:30Strategy Listening Event with Bishop Richard - Abbeydore
Thursday 11th November 202119:00DBF/Synod

Meeting of the Diocesan Board of Finance and Diocesan Synod via Zoom.

Friday 12th November 202109:30SIAMS - Effective Self Evaluation Workshop

Self-Evaluation is an essential tool for schools to measure themselves against the requirements of the SIAMS Schedule and to help plan for school improvement.   This workshop is designed to support a school in advance of their SIAMS inspection by providing detailed feedback and suggested actions for improvement to help ensure their self-evaluation is clear, succinct and focused.  

This workshop process includes: 

*the school providing their SIAMS self-evaluation – in whatever form is chosen by the school at least 7 days prior to the session (standardised templates are issued should the school require support with this).
*in preparation for the session, a detailed analysis of the SIAMS self-evaluation is conducted by our SIAMS consultant. 
*detailed feedback on the self-evaluation will be given to the school during a one hour 1:1 basis to include suggested actions for improvement.
*feedback and suggestions will also be submitted on the school’s website and its ability to give an inspector the advance information necessary for a SIAMS inspection.

One hour 1:1 slot per school will be pre allocated to each school between 9.30am - 12.30pm.

Cost: £40 per delegate for Partnership Schools or £60 for non-Partnership Schools


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Monday 15th November 202109:30Mothers' Union Trustees meeting

Mothers' Union Trustees meeting via Zoom.

15:30Effective Assessment - RE Moderation

As series of three online meetings exploring assessment and providing a framework to moderate RE work across schools. 

  • 15th November 2021 – Sharing of assessment models and outlining the system for moderation for the programme. 
  • 7th March 2022 – Moderating Christianity units of work - you will be required to provide scanned work samples prior to this session. 
  • TBC June 2022 – moderating other faith units – you will be required to provide scanned work samples prior to the session

The sessions are freely availble 

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Tuesday 16th November 202109:30Servants & Stewards - Session 2

Servans & Stewards Session 2.  Venue:  The Forbury Chapel, 12 Church Street, Leominster HR6 8NH

19:00PCC Treasurers Training

Whether you are a long-serving treasurer, or relatively new to the role, we are confident that this will be a good opportunity to refresh your knowledge so that you can be more effective in this important position, as well as to share insights with fellow treasurers.  Clergy, churchwardens and other PCC officers are also welcome to attend if interested.


Anyone wishing to attend should register in advance by 15 November cand sign-up using this online form:


If you have any questions about the event or your role as a PCC Treasurer, please email

Wednesday 17th November 202109:30Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC)

Meeting of the Diocesan Advisory Committee at Leominster Community Centre.

Thursday 18th November 202109:30Together for our Children - continuing the conversations

Together for our Children: Continuing the conversations, is a special online conference designed for local church members and their church school to open up fresh conversations about ways they can partner together to support children’s spiritual development. 

Date: Thursday 18th November

Time: 9:30-11:30am

Venue: ONLINE via Zoom*

FREE to all church school leaders and local church members

Our aims are as follows:

  • To explore our present links between church and school
  • To learn about the definitions of Spiritual Development in school
  • To reflect upon children’s conversations about spirituality
  • To discuss how we can work together to provide spiritual space for these conversations in school, church and at home.

To support you in these conversations we will be using some of the excellent resources from the ‘Faith the Nexus Project’. We will also send all participants a toolkit of materials to use during the morning.

The conference has been designed with lots of opportunities for you to spend time reflecting and exploring the ideas within your own local context. Hence we are only taking bookings with a minimum of two people from each local setting; one from the school’s SLT and one member of the local church (including Foundation Governors). This will ensure that you have someone to talk to from both sides of the churchyard and playground wall. To help these be effective we will adjust clusters as follows:

  • Clergy whose ministry includes more than one school, will be clustered with all their schools together.
  • Federations will form one cluster so you can support and inspire each other too.
  • DHMAT schools will be clustered based on their local churches rather than as a Trust.

We will use Breakout Rooms for each cluster during several parts of the programme. *If you would prefer to physically meet within your cluster please do so, abiding by your own COVID risk assessments. We will still need booking forms filled in for each participant.

Please speak to your local church members and school and then book your places together via the online booking form:

Should you need to book more places please fill in a second form.

If you have any questions or need help with the booking process, then please contact or 07983 298340.

Tuesday 23rd November 202113:00New to Teaching in a Church School (session 2 of 2)

Session 1 of 2 - first session on 12th October 2021

These sessions are available to all class teachers, new to teaching in a church school.  

The sessions will include:

  • a welcome to the Diocese of Hereford
  • an introduction to the work of the Diocesan Education Team 
  • an outline of key features within school life which contribute to Christian distinctiveness, vision and values
  • the impact of the SIAMS inspection
  • advice and support on developing your classroom in a church school
  • an opportunity to ask questions about your new post in a church school
  • support for personal and professional networking.

Cost: £0 per delegate for Partnership Schools or £60 per delegate to non-Partnership

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14:00Strategy Listening Event with Bishop Richard - Bromyard
17:00School Leaders Guide to Inducing New Governors

This session is relevant to all governors or school senior leaders who are involved in inducting a new governor to your governing body.  Guidance and example documents will be shared on how to ensure your new governor feels prepared and equipped for their new role. 

Clerks to the Governing Body are also very welcome to join this session. 

This course is FREE to all church schools and academies in the Diocese of Hereford.

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Wednesday 24th November 202110:00Bridge Building Network: churches supporting schools

An open network for Christians supporting any local schools to meet, pray, share resources and receive support and training to help build stronger bridges with their schools.

Part of Growing Faith and focussing on #Faith@Home.

Open to lay or ordained, staff or volunteers that seek to serve local schools in the Diocese of Hereford area.

Half Termly meetings via Zoom facilitated by Mark Harrington, Diocese of Hereford Education Team.

Note: new timings for meetings - 
Tuesday 19th October 11:00 am -12:00 pm and Wednesday 24th November 10:00 am -11:00 am

Mark will send out the Zoom invite details 5 days before each event

Register Here

19:00Herefordshire’s Climate Collaboration Summit

The climate & ecological emergency is too big for any of us to tackle alone. Following on from COP26, this is an opportunity for us in Herefordshire to come together to agree on how we can best meet the challenge of becoming net-carbon-zero by 2030. The event is intended to elicit an approach that balances the need for a strategic (county-wide) approach and the need to take local action and therefore the invitees are representatives of strategic networks or county-wide organisations, and also those who have experience of initiating local action.  Due to limited space and anticipated Covid-restrictions, this is an invitation-only event. (Venue Diocesan Offices, Hereford)

We will have informal discussions to develop agreed actions, considering:

  • appropriate actions in the right place and at the right level - recognising that strategic co-operation supports local community action;
  • gaps in current activity;
  • shared barriers we can jointly overcome.



Thursday 25th November 202115:30Creative RE - Teaching About Judaism

This online training session will be run by the Diocesan Education Team with the support of a local member of the Jewish faith community.  

This session will explore: 

  • the core beliefs of Judaism – beyond the festivals 
  • in depth look at resources for teaching about Judaism
  • the respectful use of religious artefacts in the classroom
  • common misconceptions about the beliefs or practices in Judaism
  • what to expect on a visit to a Synagogue

Delegates will be encouraged to ask their own questions to deepen their understanding of Jewish beliefs and practices.

Cost: £40 per delegate for Partnership Schools or £60 for non-Partnership Schools


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19:00Bishop's Council (BC)

Meeting of the Bishop's Council via Zoom.

Friday 26th November 202109:30Teaching RE in EYFS

Essential guidance and support for those teaching Religious Education in the EYFS delivered by Gill Vaisey an EYFS specialist and author. 

The morning session will cover: 

  • The new 2021 EYFS Framework with a focus on the People, Culture and Communities section and how this relates to RE. 
  • Unpacking the 2020 Development Matters guidance with suggestions for age-appropriate and meaningful RE for pupils at this stage of development.  
  • Exploring a range of suitable resources to support practitioners in providing RE for this age group. 
  • An introduction to the ‘The Belonging and Believing’ project, which focusses on the lived experience of individuals and communities through the lens of a five-year old child.  

Delegates will receive a copy of Gill’s Development Matters Guidance for RE, course notes, planning examples and some electronic pupil activities.

Cost: £100 per delegate for Partnership Schools or £120 for non-Partnership Schools


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Saturday 27th November 202110:30Strategy Listening Event with Bishop Richard - Pontesbury
14:00Strategy Listening Event St Laurence's Hall, Church Stretton
16:30Strategy Listening Event - St John's Church, Ludlow
Monday 29th November 202115:00Clerks to the Governors Forum

The aim of these forums is to formulate an open dialogue between Clerks and the Diocesan Education Team, share best practice, provide an overview of the differences in a church school/academy and provide updates on the Church of England national initiatives as they are launched.

A focus will be given to discuss best practice for running online Governance. 

Forums will continue to provide the understanding and building bricks to what it means to be a Clerk in a church school/academy and cover all areas: Property, Trustees, Admissions, SIAMS, and National Picture.  Clerks will be given an opportunity to bring forward topics for discussion at each meeting.

These briefing sessions are FREE to all clerks to governing boards in church schools and academies across the Diocese of Hereford. 


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16:00Strategy Listening Event - Lady Hawkins Secondary School
18:30Strategy Listening Event - Leominster Priory
Tuesday 30th November 202109:30Supporting Pupils Through Grief and Loss

Bereavement, grief and loss affects us all in different ways and may leave pupils struggling to cope. This course will help you to support pupils going through various forms of grief and loss. This course will be delivered by Sharon Melia-Craven, National Co-Director, Rainbows Bereavement Support Great Britain and will cover: 

  • Exploring grief & loss
  • The grief process
  • Young people and grief
  • Helping children and young people deal with death
  • How the school can help grieving children and young people
  • Support Ideas
  • Introduction to Rainbows Bereavement Support GB

This course is suitable for all Senior Leaders within an school setting.

Cost: £40 per delegate for Partnership Schools or £60 for non-Partnership Schools

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