Archdeacon of Ludlow

Image of Revd Fiona Gibson

The Venerable Fiona Gibson, became Archdeacon of Ludlow on 25 April. Fiona's focus is on mission, education, and clergy wellbeing. As well as being a member of Bishop’s Staff she will have a particular emphasis on supporting parishes in the Ludlow Archdeaconry. 

Fiona was ordained in St Albans Diocese in 2011 and has served all her ministry in that diocese. As well as receiving her training there, Revd Fiona has been responsible for two curates in training. She served on General Synod, the Church of England's elected governing body, for St Alban's diocese. Her other interests include being on the board for the Verulam House Fund Trust (awarding modest bursaries and project grants promoting education, spirituality, witness and service), the Oak Hill College Council, Vice Chair of the national committee of The Junia Network (formerly AWESOME - a group for evangelical Anglican female clergy), she also sits on the Transformations Steering Group and is a member of the CPAS Council of Reference.

Her experience of rural ministry is what particularly attracted her to her present role as Archdeacon of Ludlow as well as the opportunity to strategically shape mission and ministry beyond parish boundaries.

Fiona lives in Craven Arms, South Shropshire with her husband Dave. She and Dave have two young adult children, both at university.

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