About Us

Our worshipping community is made up of 13,300 people of all ages and backgrounds.

Nearly 7,500 people attend a service each Sunday and 12,000 children attend one of our 78 schools and academies.

With 402 churches - we are the Church of England in Herefordshire, south Shropshire and parts of Monmouthshire, Powys and Worcestershire.

Our usual Sunday congregations are the largest proportion in the country at 2.3%.

Our clergy and readers also carry out 51% of funerals in the diocese, the highest percentage in the Church of England and we are second for the number of baptisms. 22% of babies born in our diocese are christened and welcomed into our church family.

(Source: Church of England Statistics for Mission 2018)

We were founded in 676 AD and cover roughly 1,650 square miles with many of our church buildings of historic importance.

Serving 326,000 people we are part of the Church of England which itself is part of the wider Anglican Communion.

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