Heads, SLT and Governors Free Briefing Sessions

To support the leadership in our church schools in the Diocese, we have created a series of Heads and Governors briefing sessions, with specialist speakers designed to address several focus areas.  Each session will be delivered online via Zoom, so they are easily accessible from anywhere with a good connection!

Available to all church schools, academies and Multi Academy Trust leadership with church schools in their Trust, each session suggests a target audience to enable your school to receive the greatest impact from these sessions.  Please feel free to book more than one delegate at each session if this would be useful to you. Click on the links below to register your place. 


Date & Time Event and Target Audience

10th June 2021

4.00 - 5.30pm

Let's Go Zero - working towards carbon zero targets for schools.

Speaker: Alex Green, specialist in sustainability.  This is a national campaign uniting UK schools working to cut their carbon emissions to zero by 2030. For more information click here.

For Headteachers, SLT, Governors, School Business Managers & School Eco Leaders.  Click HERE to register your place for the 10th June

17th June 2021

4.30 - 6.00pm

Inspiring your school's Christian vision - how will your vision support your school post Covid?

Speaker: The Diocesan Education Team.

For Headteachers, Chairs of Governors and all those who have an active role in developing your school’s Christian vision (both staff and governors): click HERE to register your place for the 17th June

1st July 2021

6.00 - 7.30pm

Diversity in Governance - how to recruit and retain diverse governors with a focus on race and age.

Speaker: Sharon Warmington, a national speaker on issues including fostering an inclusive and diverse culture on governing boards, recruiting a diverse range of governors and strategic succession planning to build diversity. More information click here. Click here for session flyer.

For Chairs of Governors and Governors: click HERE to register your place for the 1st July (In partnership with Gloucester and Truro Dioceses)

6th July 2021

5.30 - 7.00pm

Lockdown - end of church school governance as we know it?

Speaker: Mike Simmonds, an experienced educationalist with a focus on governance. More information click here.

For Chairs of Governors and Governors: click HERE to register your place for the 6th July

8th July 2021

1.00 - 2.30pm

Ofsted Update for Summer 2021

Speaker: Tim Hill, Senior HMI for Herefordshire

For Headteachers and staff members from the Senior Leadership Team: Click HERE to register your place for the 8th July

Let's Go Zero - working towards carbon zero targets for schools - 10th June 2021, 4.00 – 5.30pm


We are delighted to welcome Ashden’s School Programme Manager, Alex Green who is an enthusiastic, articulate and committed professional with a broad knowledge of sustainability gained in government and consultancy roles. She specialises in environmental management, legislative compliance, carbon foot printing, cost-benefit analysis and resource efficiency.

Alex Green, will introduce the Let’s Go Zero national campaign uniting UK schools working to cut their carbon emissions to zero by 2030. That’s a huge challenge – but transforming our schools will help safeguard the planet for future generations.

Alex has the ability to apply her knowledge holistically to new schemes and projects. With proven experience in many research areas, she can critically assess guidance and proposals for new projects.   Specialties: Staff Engagement, Environment, Sustainability, Project Management.  You can find out more about the Let’s Go Zero initiative here: https://letsgozero.org/ and learn more about Ashden – climate change charity: https://ashden.org/


Diversity in Governance: how to recruit governors with a focus on race and age - 1st July 2021, 6.00 – 7.30pm

Working in partnership with the Dioceses of Hereford, Gloucester and Truro, Sharon Warmington will share with us the reasons why diversity is good for school governing bodies and how Chairs, Governors, Clerks and Heads can proactively attract, recruit and retain diverse representation to change the face of governance for the betterment of all students.

Why Diversity is Good for the Governing Body - Here we focus on the primary reasons why having a variety of cultures and backgrounds can make the school more adaptable to an ever-changing environment and society. It will also look at how setting an example at the top, will ultimately have a trickle-down effect for more diversity in the senior and middle leadership of the school.

One God, one faith, one focus - When specifically working with church or faith-based schools, NBGN is able to focus on the existing differences within individual governing bodies and how to compliment skill sets by focusing on cultural differences that will add value and strength to the school.  We also identify how to achieve balance and connectedness with stakeholders from other churches/denominations in a genuine and responsible way, ensuring schools avoid tokenism whilst retaining the religious character of Church of England Schools.

As an international Governance Practitioner and local school Governor, Sharon Warmington is also a public speaker, facilitator and a strategic leader, having worked nationally and internationally on projects in the private and public sector.  Sharon’s bespoke approach to any situation works perfectly with small groups or larger audiences, from front of house staff to senior leaders and boardroom executives.

In essence, Sharon brings a global perspective and a set of principles, that if followed, will empower and inspire participants to become diverse leaders in their own settings. More information for your governors is available here.


Lockdown – the end of church school governance as we know it? - 6th July 2021, 5.30 – 7.00pm

The context of governance during the lockdown provides many lessons for the future. Looking back with an emphasis on the future will enable governors to reflect on their practice especially in the areas of vocation, collaboration, priorities and accountability.

From personal experience as a governor and director as well as a tutor on a Liverpool Hope University Online Church School Governance course, Mike Simmonds will provide vision and practical support for governors and directors. 

As this term draws towards an end taking time to reflect on the past as part of self-evaluation is important.  By attending this session you will be provided with a unique framework and key considerations as you plan how your governance board develops in 2021/22.

We are delighted to welcome Mike, an experienced educationalist with a focus on governance to share his knowledge and experience with the Hereford Diocese. Through consultancy, training, motivational speaking and coaching, he is involved in a variety of projects and activities that seek to bring about transformation.

Mike is Director and Education Consultant of GO MINISTRIES Ltd whose strapline is Enabling Projects that Transform and has been in Christian ministry for 40 years in a variety of contexts across the UK.  He has been Chair of the members and directors of a multi academy trust and as Chair on many other governance boards including Interim Executive Boards over the years.