Admissions and Appeals

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Admissions to Church Schools

Church of England schools welcome all pupils from their local neighbourhood, including those of other faiths and none. Many schools have a defined catchment area for this purpose. If a school has spare places these can be offered to any family who seeks them as the presumption embedded in admissions legislation is that parental wishes should be followed if at all possible.

If a school has more applicants than places, then places will be offered in accordance with the school’s admissions policy. The criteria for admissions are published for each school annually by the Local Authority. These criteria are broadly similar between schools but there may be local variations. If parents are not offered a place in the school of their first choice, they have the right to appeal to an independent panel who may uphold or deny the appeal (see below).

In a Voluntary Aided School, Foundation School or Academy, the Governors are the legal admissions authority even though the arrangements may be in part administered by the Local Authority. The Governors are responsible for the admissions policy which may differ from school to school.

The Local Authority is the legal admissions authority for the Voluntary Controlled Schools and so the LA determines the criteria and applies them.

Please refer to the current Department for Education (DfE) documents below:

Changes to school admission appeals due to coronavirus

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions, the DfE have made changes to the way admission authorities (school governing bodies, local authorities and academy trusts depending on the type of school) carry out admission appeals this year.

Please also refer to the Diocesan guidance below: