Open the Book Together

Published on: 1st March 2019

Over 60 Open the Book teams across ourdiocese are telling bible stories in assemblies at local schools. Through Open the Book together we are reaching more than 6000 children.

The Open the Book team in Stottesdon, Shropshire is ecumenical. Priest-in-charge, Revd Mark Daborn described it as a really good example of doing church differently.

“Having effectively missed out on one generation or two, this is a chance for children to get a good solid knowledge of the bible in their primary years.

“I’m sometimes asked if this is leading to getting more children to come to church on Sunday but what we’re doing is responding to a need for the church to go into schools, and helping children to learn about the Christian faith”

The Bible Society scheme involves volunteers dressing up, acting, or using puppets to illustrate stories from the Bible. The dramatisation is usually followed by a reflection and prayer.

Children can also join in with acting and telling the stories involving Christian values and the themes are often used by teachers in other

Open the Book is not just about learning the bible - the children get to know local people who go to church and have a living faith.

Mark continues: 

“The children can ask questions and have discussions with the team in an environment which they are familiar with.

I think for so long we’ve expected people to come to us and the church needs to go where people are and this is one of the most important ways of doing this.

I would say if anyone hasn’t got Open the Book running in their school then they need to get on and do it.”

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