School for Ministry

Something for everyone

The School for Ministry offers a range of learning opportunities we offer to individuals and parish groups. We offer a wide range of support, which includes:

  • Lay worship leaders
  • Members of your benefice pastoral care team
  • Churchwardens
  • a Local Ministry Development Group, or other leadership/ministry team
  • Someone looking to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith
  • Someone looking to help others come to faith in Christ
  • A Messy Church leader/helper

What if I want to go further?

Resources to support your learning

Those active in licensed ministry are able to access a range of support at Continuing Ministerial Development.   

A wealth of resources to help you in your learning can be borrowed from the diocesan resource centre in Ludlow.

Find out about other ministry opportunities:

You can find out more about licensed ministries, readership & ordination at Nationally-Recognised Licensed Ministries,

If you're looking to understand more about Local ministry opportunities, please visit our local ministry page