Prayer Resources

Image of man praying, eyes closed, hand clasped together

While public acts of worship are still permitted in our churches, fewer places of worship remain open during periods of lockdown. Personal prayer and worship at home continues alongside online worship offered by many churches across our Diocese. To that end, the resources below may be helpful to you:

Churches Livestreaming Worship & Prayer
If you are looking to find an online service, visit A Church Near You or contact your local Church to find out more.  If you're looking for support to get started with live streaming worship there's lots of useful advice and webinars from the Church of England Digital Labs pages.  You can also contact our Diocesan Communications Team for more support.
Help and Advice for Streaming Your Service
If you're looking to find out how to make the most out of streaming, what equipment to use or how to get started, please read the Digital Labs blogs.  You can also chat with our Communications Team who are happy to offer information and support to parishes.
Resources and Apps for Prayer
There are lots of apps to support your prayer life for a full list of all the Church of England apps, please visit Church House Publishing web pages.  The Daily Hope phone line offers a 24/7 prayer line for those unable to access online or digital resources. 

Useful Resources and Information