Admissions Guidance Forum

Date: 27th September 2021

Time: 15:30 - 17:00

This online forum will give guidance on the recently published Department for Education's (DfE) new Schools Admissions Code which is applicable from 1st September 2021. 

In a Voluntary Aided School, Foundation School or Academy, the Governors /Director/Trustees are the legal admissions authority even though the arrangements may be in part administered by the Local Authority.

The Governors are responsible for the admissions policy which may differ from school to school.

The Local Authority is the legal admissions authority for the Voluntary Controlled Schools and so the LA determines the criteria and applies them.

This FREE session is available to all church school/academy leaders and members of their governing boards.  

The session will give practical guidance and tools to support schools with the required changes to their admissions policy.



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