Strategy Reboot

"How is God calling us to be the Church to the people living in our diocese"

The purpose of our strategy engagement is to engage parishes and communities in a conversation, to help us clearly identify what we have learned from living through a global pandemic and to identify how effective the previous five-year diocesan strategy has been, where there has been any impact and what changes we need to make as we plan for the future.

Our primary question is, “What can the diocese central function do to help our parishes, benefices and deaneries to flourish?”


The diocesan strategy was launched in 2015 following an extensive listening and engagement process. We adopted the strapline, "Proclaiming Christ, Growing Disciples" and identified three main strands for our focus:

  1. Church growth, numerical and spiritual - More people becoming Involved with the church, and those that are already involved becoming more deeply involved.
  2. Reimagining ministry - Finding new ways to minister to and look after our communities, where they live, work and play in today’s society – whilst also cherishing our existing loyal congregations.
  3. Contributing to the common good - Working for our communities to make a positive social difference.

As the first five years of the strategy draw to a close, we have started to review how effective the plan was, to look at ways in which we need to change and what we still need to do.   This review takes place against the background of covid which has had a huge impact on the life of our 400+ churches and the many communities we serve.

The following questionnaire has been designed to help us to gather views from a wide variety of stakeholders and this sits alongside a series of events that will be held later in the autumn hosted by Bishop Richard.


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