Mission Action Planning

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These pages offer some resources to help you as a disciple, or your church, or benefice, or deanery, listen to God, to each other and to your communities, to let God shape you, your priorities, plans and action...

Spending time like this is sometimes called "Exploring God's call", "Parish Development Planning", "Mission Action Planning", "Growth Action Planning"...

There are many different ways of approaching this. Here we offer a range of approaches, examples, resources, stories and ideas for our rural diocese.

Deanery Mission Action Planning

For 2016 onwards all deaneries are asked to create Deanery Mission and Pastoral Plan and to keep it updated, using the diocesan shared priorities.

This is part of our “Setting our compasses together” process which has come out of Follow! conversations and consultations. Each deanery will be paired with support for mission and for finance by a diocesan support minister and a member of the DBFX/Bishops Council.

Useful Documents

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